Thursday, December 06, 2007


Goodbye Gentle Flower
Farewell Beloved Friend

It is with great sadness and heavy heart that I bid adieu to our dear friend Sean Macneil , A creative spirit who will live on forever in the hearts of those who loved him as a Father , a Son and a Friend. He was an advocate for organ donation having been born with a congenital heart defect. It was his passion and purpose to see that others didnt suffer as he did.

Let us celebrate the beauty of who he is. Let us rejoice in the knowledge of how blessed a soul he was and how many lives he touched.

Sean is a positive light who can ignite your dreams and empower your spirit. I am trying not to speak in the past tense for he will be with us always. I know that my heart holds a special place just for him. He had a purity of heart that could light your inner being. His is a life that is meaningful and significant. His smile shone like sunlight through the trees and warmed me to my very soul.

Know that renewing friendships in the past year meant a great deal to him. Knowing that we all remembered him and in fact still loved him gave him a feeling of belonging that he truly needed. He is a unique spirit whose creative energy is an oasis for the soul. I wish him a circle of bliss where he may embrace his divine essence.

With respect and humility I applaud his radical honesty and thank him deeply for the heightened awareness he granted me. He has the courage of a thousand angels and his is a voice that will serenade the heavens. His rich imagination and engaging presence will be forever embedded in my soul.

I can at this very moment feel his positive vibrations. His vibrant life will not be forgotten for he is a man of substance and beauty. I will treasure every moment , every breath , every laugh and every tear we ever shared. The miracle of who he is elevates my soul and gives me divine realization.

To his family and his son I say my thoughts and prayers are with you. He glowed when talking of his Son and loved to tell stories of his history and heritage. His timeless essence and joyfully celebratory spirit will inspire me throughout my life. He made me aware that there is a world of possibilities to explore and that where creativity blossoms the soul thrives.

Sean , I Love You!

Goodbye Gentle Flower
Farewell Beloved Friend

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