Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spiritual Nurturist

Life is a poetic exploration of unimaginable possibilities where the seeds of hope inspire the purpose within. Let us celebrate the human spirit and imagination as we embrace all paths and people.

I am a Spiritual Nurturist. The Universe is one song and I know all the words.

It is my desire to illuminate the path to awareness by sharing the beauty of my soul. Through struggle and hardship i have found spiritual clarity and poetic beauty. To experience joy is to live life fully by aligning with a higher goal and elevating your thoughts to a place where angels play and gods dance.

Evolution and ascension are part of our dna. We are each a mosaic of creativeness, vision and spirit destined for blessedness and beauty. Our souls are dressed in beams of light that we may serve Sacred Mother Earth and Humankind. Know that yours can be a world without limits if you rejoice in your gifts and share the magnificence of who you are.

I am a Spiritual Nurturist. Let me elevate your imagination to new heights.

The root of my being is such that may determine my own destiny by generating joy and harmony to those i meet in my spiritual travels. Experience is the ultimate teacher and i am a student whose thirst for knowledge and wisdom is unsurpassed. The time has come for me to teach of heavenly dreamscapes that make your heart sing.

The path to love and harmony is a journey of transition and personal liberation where the divine light within is the compass of your soul that will guide you to a brighter tomorrow. You are a jewel of the universe, by acknowledging your worth and beauty you begin to cultivate a richly woven tapestry of love that will bloom infinitely.

I am a Spiritual Nurturist. My wish is that hope may sparkle in every heart.

May Kindness Enrich your Soul
May Joy Nourish your Spirit
May Life Engage your Heart
May Hope Inspire your Imagination

This Earth is a Divine place and we are its Keepers.

Let us make this a place of Love!

My name is Micheal and I am a Spiritual Nurturist.

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