Monday, August 16, 2010

Quotes 6

Love is Poetry of the Soul. The Angels and the Universe rejoice when we dedicate our lives to Love. Body, Mind and Spirit unite in a dance of beauty and bliss when we make ours a Lyrical Exploration of Love. We are Sacred Beings and our Destiny is one of Hope, Harmony, Peace and Purpose where Joy is a way of Life. Live in Lightness, Live in the Womb of Sacred Mother Earth and Love, Love, Love!

The time is now to find your way to bliss. Take your life to the next level by manifesting your dreams and living your life joyously. The time is now for a revolution of mind and spirit. Let every day be a feast of love, peace and passion. There is an infinite ocean of light before you, seize it and become who you were meant to be. The time is now for Love! Nourish the world with the beauty of who you are.

Lift your spirit to a place of infinite love. Let the light of your inner being guide you to the joy within your soul. Awaken your light body and watch as the dance of your life becomes one of unconditional bliss. Light a candle of love that all may bask in the glow of your evolutionary soul. You are a visionary dreamer and yours is a journey destined to breathe joy and happiness into the hearts of those you love.

May I come to the window of your soul and gaze within. May I listen to your hearts prayer and embrace the fabric of your dreams. May I follow your unique and individual path. The happiness within you beckons me to the place of beauty where your spirit resides. To embody your magnificence is to know love and all its blessings. May I love you for your positive existence and guiding light. May I love you?

This is an Invitation to a New Life. You are invited to live active lives that embrace laughter and lightheartedness. You are invited to breather new light into your life by accessing the love and wisdom within. You are invited to pursue personal growth as you live consciously and creatively. You are invited to invigorate the soul by discovering who you are. You are invited to the Beauty of Now! RSVP with Love!

Inspire your heart. Be a ray of sunshine by expressing the divine self and awakening the spirit in humanity. Create a nurturing environment of love where life is an abundant orchard of beauty and spirit. There are wellsprings of wisdom within your soul, by liberating them you become who you are and manifest what you desire. You are a Child of God and life is your sandbox. Its time to play.

The light within you is one that promotes harmony and joy. Being your authentic self is nourishing to the spirit and will allow you to discover your divine essence. We are love and love is our destiny and birthright. Claim your birthright and see the world through new eyes thereby illuminating a path to your soul. Celebrate being yourself and yours will be a light that never goes out. I love you love me love.....

To reach great Spiritual Heights we must pay careful attention to the map of our soul and bring more kindness into our lives. Know that you are the love that heals and by sharing that love you give back to the earth in a way that honours the goodness of all creation. Ours is an enchanting journey full of joy and celebration if we listen to the prayer of our heart and live our lives in love, harmony and brotherhood.

Live your higher self by merging with your soul and embracing a higher vibration. Manifest what you desire and the lightness of your being will awaken a spirit that will free your creative spirit and liberate your sacred being. You are destined to live in joy if only you imagine the unimaginable and uncover your true self. Celebrate your passions, nourish your soul with joy and put forth a spirit of boundless love.

Let us all radiate joy inward toward the soul as we embrace the holiness of love. Let us awaken the beauty within that we may all connect to the spirit of love and enhance the flow of life. Life can be a place of blissful tranquility as ours is a path to natural goodness. Be the divine soul you are meant to be and yours will be an inspiring journey . We are all a breathtaking masterpiece of life and love.

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