Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thoughts on Life

Letter to My Soul / Dear Soul. I awaken to your Beauty and Celebrate your Magnificence. Thank you for your Guidance and for helping me find my Spiritual Purpose. You have taught me to Create what I choose to Create and to Bathe Freely in the Boundless Waters of Spirit. Thank you for the Insight and Joy that cover my Heart with Kindness. Thank you for seeing that you are Love, I am Love and Life is Love.

As I marvel at the Beauty of the Night Sky, I pledge to Live my Light by Opening my Heart to Love and Celebrating the Spirit Within. By listening to the Calling of my Soul I find the Divine that is my Destiny. My True Purpose in Life is to let my Spirit Blossom and accept Lovingly the Angel Wings that surround my Soul. Once one Realizes that every Breath is a Miracle, Every Moment becomes a Blessing!

Be a Unique Light in the World by making every Breath Divine and every moment a Celebration of Life and Love. Live your Higher Self for by doing so you Manifest and Create Miracles. Love is the Essence of what you are and Life is the Opportunity to Share that Essence. By Being the Love that you are, you Nourish your Soul with Joy. You are Unique, You are Light, You are Spirit, You are Love!

Live life soulfully with passion and purpose. Walk a path of joy where the wisdom of love inspires your spirit to thrive and blossom. We are all born of bliss and our destiny is to love and be loved. Wear your love as a garment of illumination that guides all to the beauty of your soul. Be the hero of your life and seek to connect with your divine blueprint. The sacred place of peace is within and it is love.

Create Meaning in your Life. Realize your Souls Purpose and Explore your Deepest Dreams. You can Manifest a Destiny of Bliss if you Live with Integrity and Surround yourself with Blessings of Love and Kindness. Give Voice to your Souls longing by Creating a Bridge of Light that Celebrates your Divinity as it Blesses, Uplifts and Heals the World. Know that you are the experience of Love!

Love your Life and Awaken to the Natural World. Move in Transformative ways and give Birth to a New Vision. Life Transforming Change occurs when we move the Imagination to a place of Inspiration. Manifestation is Joyous and by Deepening your Love Affair with your Life you create Pleasurable ways of Nourishing the Soul. Journey to Health and Happiness by living with Wisdom and Love.

Your life is an eclectic recipe of love, hope, peace and freedom. To live a love filled positive future you must make sure you use the proper ingredients. Mix love, hope, peace, freedom, compassion, honour, integrity, truth, joy and bliss in a bowl and add the pure water of spirit. Bake within your soul and watch the beauty that rises. The final step is to share your feast with as many people as possible.

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