Thursday, January 27, 2011


To attain happiness we must breathe joy and happiness.

If that sounds rather simple its's because it is. Life is as complicated as we make it. Every day we are given choices - what shoes to buy, where to send our kids to school , how to react to certain situations... Those choices dictate our happiness. Walk into a new reality and make happiness a choice.

Move forward in life. Yours is a path of light and by living life in harmony with your soul you inspire positive change. Take the time to enjoy a sunrise, the twinkling stars at night, the aroma of a flower or the smile of a child. Appreciate that which you already have and you change your world forever. Be the miracle you are.

Love from the inside out and you elevate the soul to a heavenly place of peace and beauty. A blissful life is yours when you connect to the spirit. Make happiness a choice and seeds of good fortune will come your way. Love and joy flow into your life when you seek to make positive change. To build a better life with must begin with love.

Bring forth the beauty within that the world may see the magnificence of who you are. You are a radiant spirit and yours is a light that connects with higher wisdom and spirit. Be an emissary of divine light by sharing your many gifts. Let loves pure light guide you to transform your thoughts and inspire your actions. Happiness resides in a place of positive belief and purpose.

Love is your essence and by nurturing that part of your being you awaken more fully to life. Awaken the heart, activate your souls gifts and journey to a place deep within where bliss is waiting for you. Trust your spirit and create profound possibilities by seeking out the sweetness of the world.

Happiness is a choice. Loving acceptance of yourself will make that choice easier. Live an inspired life and create a nurturing environment where you celebrate your passions and live your dreams. Let boundless waters of spirit wash over you and nourish your soul with joy.

We choose to be angry, we choose to be upset, we choose to be worried, we choose to be scared.

Happiness is a choice. I choose HAPPINESS!

Who amongst you will join me!

Yours in Spiritual Harmony
Micheal Teal
The Ancient One

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