Sunday, May 02, 2010

Quotes 3

Here are a few more of my quotes ( Micheal Teal - The Ancient One ):

The signs of destiny are all around us as we each leave karmic imprints throughout our lives. Therefore to live in a world of love and peace we must allow the gifts of spirit hidden deep within to flow freely. Recharge your soul and let prayer kindle a joyful mood. Let your souls mission on earth be a sacred adventure that embraces the rapture of being alive. Be exactly who you are, for you are love!

You are a powerful being, a sentient of Mother Earth. Be gentle with yourself, honour your feelings and strive to find the treasures within. If we live more fulfilling lives we wake up our inner child and inspire our soul. We all have the Happiness Gene and by accessing it we can make make our souls journey one of light, happiness and joy. Let your evolution be one of spiritual awareness and love, love, love!

 Life is a spiritual ocean of wisdom and guidance. Set your sails towards places of tranquil blessings and love profound for by doing so you begin an adventure in self discovery that will take you far beyond the stars. The presence of joy is all around us and by living with greater meaning we can make the heart sing and the soul smile. Blessings and light to those that build bridges to the sacred within. I Love You!

 Your path is written in the stars. Swim in an ocean of light and design your life from spirit, for when we sip lifes sweet moments we acknowledge the singing of our heart. Kindle a light in your soul that it may guide you to live your destiny and trust your inner voice. Blaze a trail of beauty that will awaken the spirit in humanity and serve as a blueprint for sacred living. You are love and you are loved.

Journey into truth, make karmic decisions and know joy every day. The wonder of you is that you are an authentic beauty put on earth to live and to love. Life is a garden of divine grace and spiritual liberation. Let your soul evolve as you bathe in positive energy and plant seeds of angelic wisdom and illuminating insights. Walk the earth in friendship and let kind words and deeds be your gift to humankind.

Life is a Cosmic Dance and Love is the Poetry of the Soul. Let the Divine light within you lead you to a vibrant and blissful life. The destiny we desire is within our reach if we open the pipeline to joy and allow happiness into our hearts. Let kind words be the fire of transformation that inspires us to fulfill oursouls potential. Plant seeds of love for love is a spiritual path and we are gardeners of spirit.

 Learn to love yourself! Release the happiness within! Life is a magickal soul ride of inspiration and you are a gift to humanity. By growing into your soul and embracing life with confidence you educate your spirit and discover who you truly are. Live spiritually with every breath and you will emerge into a world full of joy. Your heart is as wide as the sky, use it wisely and enter the holy well of bliss.

When we embrace the light and live with an attitude of hope we polish the soul. Let your life be a chorus of joy that all may dance to the song within your heart. By walking the good road we teach the soul to fly far beyond the stars. We all have the radiance of the sun within us and by joyfully celebrating life we expand the universe and inspire love and wisdom. Give who you are into the world - for you are love!

Be aware in the moment and awaken the dreamer within. Be a painter of thoughts and yours will be a garden of earthly delights. Let your life be a personal revolution guided by spirit and you will see miracles happen every day. Befriend and nourish your inner child and you will experience joy hitherto unknown. If we begin our day with love we will manifest happiness and create a better world for one and all.

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