Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Flowers and Trees share their beauty, the cells of every living creature are touched by natures hand, the stars above take wing and our souls embrace them all. Know and accept that you are the embodiment of Love and watch as your spirit radiates joy. The light in your heart encourages people to look at the beauty within and honour your Journey. Remember good humour and good deeds connect us with the Sacred.

True Spiritual Freedom comes when we use our minds in the highest way. Harness the power within and cultivate your Authentic Self for you are the Essence of Love. The Rhythm of the Dance of Life is such that it can take us to Blissful Heights if we only embrace the knowledge that we are Woven of Divine Light. Let yours be a fertile Spiritual Landscape where every moment is a Beautiful Harvest of Supreme Love.

 Illuminate your dark places, weave ancient wisdom and let your existence be one of songs, poems and prayers. Fall in love with your life and let it infuse with aliveness that you may journey to a place both playful and profound. Absolute joy can be yours if you connect to your innate divinity and embrace the kind of life your soul is yearning for. Kindle a fire of love and watch the holy angels of heaven rejoice.

A New Age of Awareness is upon us let the flame of love lead you toward joy. If you kindle a fire of Peace and Compassion the Holy Angels of Heaven will guide you to Embrace the God Within. Life is a Sacred Garden and if you create your Highest Good the future will unfold and manifest in Visions of Wisdom, Love and Vitality. Find Peace in who you are and yours will be a Bountiful Life filled with Blessings.

Live with integrity and truth and yours will be a dance of manifestation that deepens your ability to love. Awaken to an inspired life and yours will be a transcendent field of sacred blessings. Life is a musical prayer and we are its symphony. Let your song be love and your truth be joy. Let us all live in harmony on the earth as we embrace the rapture of being alive and create a feast of divine happiness.

Positive belief will connect you to the light. Humanity is in transformation and if we embrace the positive aspects of the self we can inspire infinite love for all beings. Think with your heart as you discover your true essence and awaken more fully to life. Nourish spiritual growth and manifest what you desire as you celebrate the soul. Rise like the sun for love is a way of life and life is the way to love!

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