Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Angelic Existence

I seek to live an inspired life. A life that celebrates the spirit of freedom and is bathed in sunshine like a warm summers day. By realizing one's true nature we can all live in diversity, light and beauty. The dance of my authentic self is one nurtured by spirit in which i see every soul as a flower.

Let us all celebrate our uniqueness and live an angelic existence. An existence that breathes inspiration and creates transformative changes. Be a breath of sunshine and let the message of your heart be one of love. Pursue a spiritual education for knowledge is your right. By living your purpose with joy you create heaven on earth.

Take your life to the next level by letting the flow of the universe inspire you transform your intentions and rejoice in your awakening. Life is an exploration of spirit and you are beauty, truth and divinity. Claim your divinity and at the same time recognize the sacred in others. We are all sacred beings of light, brothers and sisters of love. Embrace the divine oneness of all.

Let our lives be ones of existence beyond restrictions where light and spirit guide us to gardens of bliss and beauty where ours is a shared enlightenment. If we live in communion and union we grow from bud to flower and experience a lighter way of being. Harmonize your energy flow and sew within the fabric of your dreams a blanket of joyful serenity. The time is now for a revolution of mind and spirit.

An Angelic Existence is a feast of love, peace and passion where everyone evolves towards enlightenment. Find peace on your path and honour the spirit in you. Know the flower of your soul needs but the sunshine of your love to grow. Let us all reside in celestial realms as we celebrate the song of life. The breath of God touches the hearts of all who are led by spirit. Embody your magnificence, Nurture the sacred and live in alignment with the highest good.

I am an Angel

You are an Angel

We are Angels

Love is our Destiny and Heaven is our Birthright.

Yours in Unity of All Creation
Micheal Teal
The Ancient One

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