Sunday, December 05, 2010

Thoughts 7

Express your Magnificence for you are a Beautiful Entity flowering from within whose very Existence is a Breath of Inspiration. Walk in Peace where the grass is green and make every moment a Vision of Happiness. You are meant to Thrive and Blossom. Be the Creator of your Life and Create a Life of Love and Kindness. Let your Spirit Soar and live in Absolute Joy. You are an Angel and Earth is Heaven!

Be a touch of inspiration to all you come in contact with. Transform your world by creating a vision where you breathe in peace and radiate love. Dance joyously and freely as you elevate the soul, for the essence of your being is miraculous and majestic. Nurture your spiritual self for your path is written in the stars and your destiny is one of glory, harmony and love. Live the beauty of who you are!

The face of the earth will smile when mutual understanding and love become our path of purpose. Humanity blooms when we seek the benefit of all beings and make ours a journey to health and happiness. Rewrite your reality into one of universal consciousness and light. Know that when you express the divine within, pathways open and you stroll with the sacred. You are the breath of God. Take a deep breath and smile!

The stars above take wing when we seek to foster love among all beings. If we make our blueprint of life one whose foundation is good humour and good deeds, we create an earth that nurtures and nourishes the soul. The cells of every living thing resonate with innate joy and profound bliss. It is our birthright to claim that beauty within and share it freely. Our evolutionary dance is one of profound Love!

Life is a journey to find a place your soul can call home. It takes some a lifetime to realize that home is that which lies within and once we find it the journey isnt over its just beginning. Bring forth wonder and joy in all that you do and embody divine wisdom for you are a being of love and light destined to radiate beauty and bliss. Make your life a most spiritual prayer and tell your soul that its home!

Revolutionize your Spirit by embracing your Divine Blessings. Deep Love flows abundantly within and by acknowledging and accepting the Beautiful Heart Centered Love that is our Destiny we can begin to Live in concert with Universal Harmony. Miracles happen to those Receptive to Miracles and to those that realize we are the greatest Miracle of all. If your deepest belief is Love then Love is your Destiny.

Life is an Exciting Journey of Self Discovery. Elevate your Creativity and Uncover your Unique Gifts as you Appreciate and Enjoy Life. Take charge of your Life and Create a New Reality of Love and Happiness. You can Accomplish anything when the Purpose of your Life is Pure Love and Kindness. Return to your Soul and say - I am Positive, I Appreciate my Life and I am a Being of Love.

Take a Shamanic Journey to that place of Love which lies within. To live a Happy and Passionate Life we must Inspire our Hearts by Embracing the Essence of Being Alive and Creating Profound Possibilities where Joy is the answer to every question. We are at our core Beings of Light and Heart Nourishing Beauty. Express your Divinity and manifest a Destiny of Love, Peace and Harmony.

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