Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Musings from The Ancient One

Would you touch my Soul if I asked you to, Would you hold my Spirit in your arms and nurture it to health, Would you share your Dreams of Love and Life? Could you share the Light within you if you were asked to, Could you see beyond Vision and nourish my heart, Could you Celebrate my existence and tell me i am special? Would you, Could you, Will you, Can you? I can and I have. I Love You!

Create a Sacred Life, Speak a Sacred Language, Celebrate the Sacred in everything you do. There are many paths to enlightenment, let yours be one of absolute respect and purity of the soul. Awaken the kindness within and let your spirit guide you to a place of love and inspiration. The gift of you is something precious to be treasured. To live a Sacred Life you must love, nourish and nurture the Sacred Self.

There is a tree of transformation that grows within your soul. Water it with love and it will provide you spiritual nourishment throughout your life. By cultivating love you create a oasis for the soul and a place of bliss your heart can call home. The blueprint of your being is divinely inspired. Give your spirit wings and live in absolute joy for you are an Angel on Earth born of Love!

You are designed by divinity to serve humankind with grace. Awaken to the beauty of who you are and share your radiance, for you are a blessed child of the universe. Embrace the truth and know that truth to be this - if we live in joy there will be joy in living. Let your spirit free and as it smiles the Sacred Mother Earth will open her arms and call you home. Answer the call for home is love eternal and profound.

Love your Angelic Existence, Love your Souls Beauty, Love your Abundant Blessings, Love your Special Gifts, Love your Profound Imagination, Love the Vision of your Life, Love the Radiance of your Being, Love your Unique Essential Nature, Love your Evolution of Consciousness, Love your Spiritual Intelligence, Love your Growing Awareness, Love YOURSELF for you are BEAUTIFUL!

You are a gift to yourself. A treasure to be honored and respected. Befriend, nurture and nourish your inner child for you are unique and your destiny is written in the stars. Know that the Great Spirit walks with you always and that the enlightenment within you is waiting to emerge and ascend to the heavens. The light of the universe shines upon you so celebrate the gift that you are!

Within you is a divine oasis where an angels rests waiting for you to inspire them to rise. Awaken the angel within by making every moment spiritual. The full bloom of lifes magnificence is within your grasp. Express yourself joyfully and create a new way of being. Live your sacredness and enrich your world by seeking the love within. Embrace all that is, for you were born with greatness.

I wish you infinite love. I wish you a life that shines brightly like sunlight through the trees. I wish you the beauty of truth and the majesty of spirit. I wish you an oasis for the soul. I wish you a sacred space of personal transformation. I wish you a journey of joy and happiness. I wish you abundant new possibilities. I wish you love for all things. Believe and make those wishes come true!

Free your spirit. Make your life a beautifully crafted journey woven of divine light. Spread your wings and fly to the sweet warming embrace of your destiny. You are a wonderful gift to all and you can achieve your dreams by acknowledging your magnificence. Unfold your soul to the heavens that they may rejoice in the beauty of who you are. Live your calling and call your living Love!

What are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and change the vibration. Breathe in joy. Create a space for new beginnings under the banner of love. A path of the heart leads to a place where magick happens. Establish a vision, illuminate yourself and give love to others. Take grand leaps and yours will be a new way of life where you experience the miraculous. What are you waiting for?

Now is the moment to awaken your light. A great world of discovery is waiting for you. Evolve to the next level for once we discover our true self only truth remains. Create transformational experiences and show lovingkindness to all living things. The map of the human soul is awash with destinations where heaven and earth meet in harmony. Now is the moment to awaken your life.

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