Monday, March 07, 2011

Thoughts and Quotes

Rejoice in your awakening. Connect with who you are as you create your personal serenity. Share your light with the world and watch as life becomes a miracle. Love is the elixir of life, quench your souls thirst and yours will be a journey of light and spirit. Let your hearts prayer be one of hope that weaves the fabric of your dreams into a reality of joy and love profound.

Breathe inspiration. Make a life of your own design by listening to the voice of your inner knowing. You are unique and distinctive - love the glorious you. Find your way to bliss by making conscious choices that inspire a profound sense of joy. Know that the source of love within will guide you for you are a divine being of grace and beauty.

I honour the place in which you dwell. I honour the divine in you. I honour the purity of your intent and a spirit that is true. I honour your willingness to experience. I honour the depth of your heart. I honour the center of your being and the way you live your life as art. I honour your sense of the sacred. I honour your soul above. I honour your positive essence and I call that honour LOVE!

Life is a sacred experiment and if we let our spirit soar we open a doorway to transformation and transcendence. To live in absolute joy we must invoke the energies of the earth and illuminate the divine within. By projecting loving thoughts and living life soulfully we can reach the highest peak of spiritual fulfillment. Live a life that you love and it will love you back.

Love as a way of life and celebrate divine freedom as you bathe in an ocean of holy emotion. Cultivate universal compassion and infinite love for all beings. When we allow the serene gifts of the heart to guide us we deepen conscious embodiment and discover our true self. Love is your essence and by acknowledging this you design your destiny as you nurture beauty and grace.

Life is a day full of song when we aspire to truth, beauty and goodness. Discover and celebrate the magnificence of your spirit and grandeur of your soul. Open the door to your destiny and let love in. We are eternal beings in a universe of consciousness and light. Claim the holy wisdom and happiness that are your birthright. Bless your voyage and set your sails for love.

Humanity blooms when we seek to make life beautiful by living as fully as possible and make choices that benefit all beings. Cultivate a joyful awareness and live a life of mutual understanding and love. The seeds of human potential are such that when planted properly they will create a garden of beauty and bliss where the harvest is love. Plant seeds and give birth to your very own Garden of Love!

Love makes things real. Make your life a garment of love that you wear proudly that all may see your true beauty. Ours can be an angelic kingdom of light if we replace our weapons with an all consuming embrace that reaches deep inside to our innate kindness. Treat your soul and senses with respect and accept that when we allow love into our heart we create a better world.

May your life be an uplifting song of love that lifts your soul higher and inspires your spirit. May laughter and happiness fill your heart with joyful abandon as you connect to the divine. May the destiny you desire be one of karmic experiences where every seed you plant becomes a beautiful flower and May your God given gifts give your soul wings that you may fly to heaven.

Life is a mystic exploration of inspired spirit. Look for the sacred and imagine the possibilities as you contribute to a better world. We are beloved souls of divine and radiant light. It is our destiny to make each moment a beautiful prayer and each breath a blessing. Live your truth and the earth becomes your temple. Love your life and the heavens become your dwelling place.

Give voice to your souls longing by opening a doorway to the meaningful and surrounding yourself in blessings. Listen to the heartbeat of the universe and kindle your inner glow. Live a soulful life and share the deep river of love within. Look deep into your soul and have a love affair with life. With love all is possible.

Revolutionize your spirit by embracing the beautiful heart centered love that is innate to all living things. See through the hearts eyes that all beings are divine and bless each and every moment. Appreciate and love life for you are a being of light and joy is your destiny.

Mine is a message of joy and hope. Inspire your spirit and create a personal vibration that raises your consciousness. The landscape of your inner being is a garden where seeds of love bring forth fruit to nourish the soul. Celebrate the divine within and channel the higher mind. Mine is a message of joy and hope. Take the message to heart and share it with all humankind.

Invoke your hearts wisdom by evolving the love within. Harness your dreams as you explore your purpose and path. Life is a spiritual practice and by embracing the immortal we nourish the sacred. We are all holistically connected souls embarking on a spiritual journey. Create an extraordinary life that fits your dreams and dream of beauty, bliss and love!

Love your life and give birth to a new vision. A vision of deepening love and limitless light. Dance your soul alive by showing lovingkindness towards all beings. Sing your heart open as you ignite your creative spirit. Permit yourself to experience the beauty of who you are. Live your truth and life will be an extraordinary experience of joy.

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