Monday, May 16, 2011

Meanderings of a Mystic

Make Love a way of Life. Be a Divine Body of Light whose Serene Gift to the Universe is that of Love. Breath by Breath seek to Cultivate Joy and make every moment Sacred. Live like you mean it, Love like you mean it and make every person you meet a Soul Touching Encounter. When we Live a Life of Love we awaken the Spirit, Create Universal Good and Connect with the Sacred Altar of Heaven. Love, Love, Love...

I am a Visionary Dreamer. An Architect of Love who Honours the Living Earth and Lives life in Harmony and Balance. I am a Seed of Good Fortune and a Flower of Gratitude at Peace with all the World. I have an Innate Connection to the Universe. I am Knowingness in Action. I am an Emissary of Divine Light on a Mission of Hope nurturing Spiritual Growth. My name is Micheal. I am The Ancient One.

You are a Voice in the Wind lifted high in the sky that all may Hear the Beauty and Truth that lies within. Life is a River of Ancient Wisdom and within your Soul are Ancestral Blessings waiting to be Shared. The Heavens align when we seek to foster a Positive Loving Relationship with the World. Cross the Bridge of Healthy Transformation and together in Eternity we shall spread a Message of Hope and Happiness.

The Sun is Shining on your Life. Come Alive and find a Place in your Heart where you can recapture Joy. Harness your Creativity and Journey to Enlightenment. Your Dreams, Hopes and Desires are within your Reach. So Reach for the Stars, Reach for the Heavens, Reach for the Love that surrounds you. Live, Love , Sing, Dance and every moment of every day - REACH!

We are all individuals seeking Enlightenment. Let us join together in Communion and Union as we Experience the Bliss of Growth. Karma Flows Freely to those who make Love their Mandate. Live Life Joyously and let the Winds of Spirit guide you from Bud to Flower for you were born to Blossom. Walk with me through a Pasture of Pure Thoughts to the Heaven that is your True Self. You are Loved and You are Love!

You are a Truly Unique Gift to the World. Walk your Path with Heart and Celebrate your Inner Strengths. For you are an Angel on Earth and yours is a Destiny of Light and Love.

Tonight i Communion with Holy Wisdom. Tonight i embrace the Sacredness of Love and Deepen my Connection with all Life. Tonight i Journey into Consciousness with a Song in my Heart, A smile on my Face and Heaven in my every step. For tonight Celestial Beings have spoken to me and shown me the Glory of the Divine Self. Angelic Wisdom, Shamanic Awareness and Illuminating Insights are now my Reality!

Absolute Joy is Possible when you open fully to Love. Uncover your Sacred Nature and Replenish your Soul as you fall in Love with your Life. The more you Appreciate the Blessings around you, the more Opportunities you will have to Live the kind of Life your Spirit is calling for. Illuminate your dark places and kindle a fire in your Heart that will Inspire the Holy Angels of Heaven. Be the Joy you desire.

I am sitting atop the Tree of Knowledge watching the World flow by and Singing with Joy. The Breath of Heaven surrounds me and Embraces my Soul. My Spirit Awakens and Happiness Abounds. I Love Life and it Loves Me! Bless each and every one of you, Bless every living thing, Bless all that is and all that shall be. I am sitting atop the Tree of Love watching Eternity flow by.

I greet this day with love in my heart for all humankind. I welcome this day with a divine mind, a unique essence and a sincere desire for health and happiness for all living things. Welcome and Good Morning World. Welcome and Good Morning Universe. Welcome and Good Morning Heaven and Beyond. I Love You!

The air is alive with Friendship and Community. Vast Landscapes of Love are all around Connecting Humankind to Sacred Mother Earth. The Glory of the Universe is calling us to follow our Hearts and and bathe in the Sacred Stream of Light that is our Destiny. Smiles are Poetry of the Soul. Smile at everyone you meet and let them see through you the Beauty within themselves. The Air is Alive! Breathe!

I Share my Words not in judgement but in Love. I Give what is in my Heart not for compensation but for Inspiration. I offer what is in my Soul not for recognition but for Transformation. My intent is to Foster the Positive, My intent is to Bless your Voyage, My intent is to Awaken untapped Possibilities. I Share my words because I Love You, Open your Heart that you may see clearly how Loved you are.

Life is a Poetic Journey and We are Delighted Wanderers walking Pathways of the Divine. Embrace the Sacred Soul and draw upon your Inner Resources as you Transform yourself and your World. I Wish and I Hope are for those who Dream, I Can and I Will are for those who Triumph. Now is the Time to put all worries, complaints and obstacles in their place and move forward. Love the Journey and watch as Poet becomes Poem.

Harvest your Dreams and Connect to the Earth. Navigate through difficult times with your Eyes, Heart, Spirit and Soul open. By doing this you will bring more Joy and Freedom into your Journey. You are a Blessed Being and if you have Gratitude for every new day you will make Earth your Temple and Life a Prayer of Love and Beauty.

Close your eyes and see The Beauty of Existence. Open your Heart and Feel the Breath of Life. Reach out and Touch the Energy of the Universe. You are Unique and Inspired. Blaze a Trail of Joyful Awareness and Activate your Soul's Gifts. You can Reach Blissful Heights if you Listen to your Inner Voice and Live a Courageous Life. Close your Eyes and see The Beauty that YOU are! I Love You!

There is a Light within my Soul that allows me to See the Beauty that surrounds me. It awakens the Divine Essence and Inspires me to Greatness. I will follow the Light, I will Merge with the Soul, I will Celebrate the Spirit, I will Manifest what i Desire, I will fan the Fires of Freedom, I will Imagine the Unimaginable and I will Love each and every one of you as I Love the Light!

Have Reverence for yourself. You are a Body of Light and your Brightest Self Radiates and Resonates with Life and Love. You are Beauty and Goodness and yours is a Life of Meaning and Significance. Give Who You Are into the Universe for even the Angels will be all the more Magnificent for knowing you. Life is a Rainbow and you are the most Brilliant of Colours. Love yourself and all Existence will Love you back.

I am a Mystical Traveler Cradled in Loves Light. I am the Breeze that Caresses your Face and the Sunlight that Warms your Heart. I Transcend the trials of Life by Lifting your Spirit and Colouring outside the lines. I Live the Truth and at the Dawn of every day i voyage all the closer to Enlightenment. I am a Metaphysical Explorer on a Pathway to Peace. I am a Chorus of Joy in a Song of Love. I Am The Ancient One.

Good Morning Sunshine thank you for Lighting my day and warming my Soul. Today I will Create a Sacred Life and Speak a Sacred Language. Good Morning Nature thank you for the Flowers, the Trees and all the Beauty that Inspires me. Today I will make my Dreams a Reality and soar on the Wings of Love. Good Morning Humanity thank you for Giving me your Love. Today I will feed my Soul with Hope, Joy and Happiness.

Illume the World with the Beauty of Who You Are! You are a Divine Child, A Whisper on the Wind whose very Essence is Utterly Original. You are Raw and Beautiful and Life is your Canvas. Paint a Portrait that builds Castles in the Mind and Inspires the Soul. Float Freely through the Magnificent Maze of your Existence and Shine your Deeply Resonant Light. You are a Gift and I Treasure You!

The Spirit World is calling me to Nurture Countless Souls with an Open Heart and an Abiding Faith. I have answered and the answer is Love!

This Moment is a Special Opportunity. An Opportunity to Share Vitality, Joy and Spirit. An Opportunity to Nourish Soul to Soul Relationships and work with the Sacred. An Opportunity to listen to the Heartbeat of God and let it Guide you to Life Transforming Ways. This Moment is a Special Opportunity and you are a Special Being. Live every Moment as a Miracle and make every Opportunity a Blessing.

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