Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Work Of Heart

you are a work of heart. a masterpiece of light and beauty. a magickal mystical tapestry of sacred truth. a glorious blessing of creativity and spirit. you are a work of heart.

live in a positive way and take quantum leaps of faith for it is when we elevate our experiences that we transform our lives.

we are divine and ours is a journey of choices. choose to take positive action. choose to make a significant impact. choose to approach life with compassion. choose to live your beauty. we are sacred and ours is a journey of love.

feed your spirit and you will feel a sense of hope rising within that will awaken awareness and move you to a more meaningful existence of positive thought and inspired action.

every moment is an opportunity to serve. every moment is an opportunity to change lives. love lives within every heart and by embracing the love in yours and seeing the love in others you become a facilitator of beauty and wisdom. every moment is an opportunity to be your true and sacred self.

live as a spiritual being with a heart wide open and you will discover your true soul self as you evolve into the light.

awareness and understanding of who we are begins by creating a relationship with the soul. our soul is a guide and teacher whose love will lead us along a path of transformative exploration. by falling in love with your soul you become more accepting of yourself and life becomes a magickal journey where we all come together for the greater good.

let us gather in the light and allow the sunshine of our existence to bathe us in messages from spirit that we may live each moment with love as we experience the joy of who we truly are.

an enlightened society is something we can create if we see our spiritual evolution as something gratifying to be shared and our earthly existence as a source of inspiration to be cherished.

as we walk toward a higher consciousness the heart expands and we give birth to the sacred. blissful and blessed are we who see the breath of hope as an opportunity to embrace a better future.

create positives. positive intentions, positive thoughts, positive actions, positive feelings, positive choices and a positive blueprint for your life. create positives and life becomes a loving sanctuary of beauty, bliss, love and light.

you empower yourself when you explore who you are for it is through exploration of self that we discover our spiritual energies and gifts which opens us to the guidance within that we may let our light shine fully as we create deep and lasting change.

beautiful is the spirit within. beautiful is the light of the soul. beautiful is the love radiating from the heart. we are born beautiful. live your beauty and your life will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

you create your life. the more passionately engaged you are the more likely you are to be your true and sacred self. you create your life. the more thankful and grateful you are the more likely you are to walk a path of positive values and purpose. you create your life.

create an extraordinary life by fully expressing who you are for yours is a unique purpose and by sharing your beauty and truth you open gateways of positive energy that change your life and transform your world.

inner transformation and compassionate communication are gifts that we receive when we evolve into spiritual consciousness. the more we embrace our spirit the greater the rewards the universe will gift us with. live from spirit. love from spirit. we are beings of spirit.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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