Thursday, April 09, 2015

You Are An Evolving Soul

share your light for you are an evolving soul and by sharing the beauty of who you are with others you can create happiness and makes yours a life of deeper self awareness where the divine is in every step.

follow your inner wisdom and it will guide you to places of enlightening perspectives and unique spiritual potential where our most profound truths are revealed that we may truly see and appreciate our greatness.

when we engage with the spirit we learn and grow in ways that give us a deep appreciation for life and move us to mindfully connect with others as we bring joy and love into our world.

a loving consciousness dedicated to helping people embraces the glory of the sacred self and leads to a more meaningful life.

celebrate your uniqueness and release the life affirming energies within that all may draw inspiration from the beauty of who you are and journey down an enriching spiritual path.

invite happiness into your life. invite joy into your soul. invite love into your heart. life is meant to be a celebration and the time has come to invite those things that make you smile into every cell of your being.

allow joy to be your compass and yours will be an adventurous journey that leads to fields of beauty and landscapes of bliss.

self liberation and a compassionate approach to life will create the kind of lasting change that will awaken your true self that you may experience significant spiritual growth and live the life of your dreams.

intuitively guided actions and intelligent choices are the tools for transformation that will shape yours into a most beautiful reality in which the empathy and compassion you have for each and every soul inspires them to respond with love.

the mystic within you is one of ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge who if nurtured will illuminate your journey that you may see your true beauty and have an extraordinary spiritual awakening which guides you to make the world a better place.

openhearted communication beautifies the soul and creates an enlightened society of healing and transformation where every moment is an opportunity to love each other and embrace all that is sacred.

in love i rise and with positive empowering thoughts i see your magnificence and the truth and beauty of who you are changes the way i experience the world and all life becomes great and wondrous.

illuminate your existence with pure positive energy and you enrich your life and spirit in meaningful ways which will lead you to awakening experiences and adventures of light. yours is a divine path of empowerment and by embracing your angel blessings and living each moment as a celebration you create a feast for the soul that will make yours a beautifully fulfilled world of love.

wondrous is the heart whose highest spiritual aspirations embrace the world with love and light the way for all to see the true beauty of life and all its miracles.

treat yourself with kindness. treat yourself with compassion. treat yourself with love. you are worthy. you are special. you are beautiful. you are loved. treat yourself with kindness.

a positive life purpose heals the heart and makes yours a spiritual universe filled with extraordinary experiences that light the way to a new reality of miraculous beauty and unlimited joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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