Thursday, April 23, 2015

Alchemists of Spirit

every morning when we awake we have a glorious new beginning with which we can create anything we desire for we are alchemists of spirit with the ability to bring beauty, love and light to our life and the lives of others.

when i look at the beauty of the human soul i see a sacred purpose of basic natural goodness and the desire to contribute to the well being of every person on this planet.

an open compassionate heart embodies a wisdom that will nourish your passions while giving you spiritual purpose and guiding those around you to find their own happiness.

live with greater compassion and you will have a profound impact for it is through compassion that we touch the soul of enlightenment.

open yourself to truth and you will find richness of meaning and spiritual realization which will guide you to live in mindful ways and inspire you to discover your highest purpose.

immerse yourself in gifts of spirit as you explore your hearts purest depths for it is when we embrace who we truly are that we awaken the beautiful and begin to live our greatness and love our life.

yours is a divinely designed life and by reaching beyond this reality you can cultivate joyful awareness, explore infinite possibilities and embrace intentional healing as you blossom at every level and experience fully the radiance of who you are.

you have within you transformative power. at any moment you are capable of invoking positive energy. greater awareness and a profound understanding of who we are opens gateways which release the beauty and blessings of spirit. look with belief as your guide and change will be your companion.

awaken to freedom. awaken to joy. awaken to revelations. awaken to transformation. awaken to peace. awaken to opportunity and possibility. awaken to hope. awaken to happiness. awaken to love. awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken! awaken!

from the fabric of your existence weave a life of extraordinary experiences and insightful moments of celebration for you have within you the innate ability to manifest beauty and bliss.

true liberation comes to those who see their sacred destiny as one of kindness, compassion and love to be given and received.

open the gateway to change by exploring inner landscapes, embracing the vital energy of the universe and allowing sacred relationships to unfold. transformation is a tool we carry in our soul that we can use at any moment in our lives to build something beautiful.

the soul of your beauty illuminates a bliss deep within that when shared releases a positive sacred energy that inspires kindness and creates a vital life force that leaves all feeling more empowered.

all you need to satisfy your spiritual needs is already within you. embrace that which helps you grow and yours will be a unique soul path joyfully expressed through love.

live an open hearted nurturing life that allows your spirt to shine and yours will be a path where you speak your truth as you manifest experiences that awaken your highest good.

if your intent is to help others then yours is a soul that smiles. if your intent is to show yourself the compassion and kindness you deserve then yours is a spirit that rejoices. if your intent is pure then yours is a life to be cherished. live your intent and let your intent be love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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