Thursday, April 02, 2015

Awaken To The Beauty Of Life

every moment in life that brings a smile to your face and embraces your heart is a soul opening experience of compassionate divine love intended to awaken you to the beauty of life and the glory of your true and sacred self.

explore your inner world and you will discover energy from a higher source which will lead you along a sacred path to a world of love and light where dreams come true and miracles happen.

when we share our love and light with the universe we wholistically assist others in an honest and genuine way which in turn moves them to reach out to those in need thereby creating a flow of positive energy that changes the world for the better.

we have the an innate capacity to heal and if we so choose we can be catalysts for change who touch the hearts and souls of others in ways positive and profound.

a productive life of fruitful service awakens the angel within that we may access higher consciousness, journey into healing and create a spiritual foundation that will guide us to our heavenly destiny.

discover your unique and authentic self. understand yourself more fully. embrace what is beautiful about yourself. deeply love yourself. these are the tools of transformation that will change your life for the better and make yours a path of great joy and happiness.

come home to your soul. share your sacred journey. you have within you the knowledge and wisdom of a multitude of existences. you are esoteric and alchemical in essence. you have the innate ability to teach and empower. live your beauty. live your truth. come home to your spirit.

fully awaken to who you are as doing so will benefit all beings in ways that nurture for you are meant to have a passionate fulfilling path that changes lives.

we see tremendous change when we embrace our divinity. we manifest soul healing miracles when we immerse ourself in our sacred essence. open yourself to new possibilities and seek to explore the beauty of your true self and you will find that yours is a journey of hidden treasures which when revealed bless the world with light and love.

love fully and deeply for a pure heart filled with sacred love has within it profound answers and the healing energy of the universe.

be a light for others and let your love flow freely for it is when we live our deepest truths and share our spiritual treasures that we create rainbows and venture into angelic realms.

there are blessings in every moment and the better able we are to see them the more joy and happiness we will have in our lives.

we connect with the source when we move forward in life and let our every thought, action and intention be for the greatest good.

to better enjoy lifes experiences raise your vibration to a place of positive energy and all encompassing love for it is then that the doorway to your higher self will open.

a life changing shift awaits those who design their lives in such a way that their thoughts and actions are but intentions born of love meant to lead to blissful days.

bow in reverence to your sacred self for you are at your essence a being of light born to help and heal others by shaping your reality into one that is kind, caring and compassionate.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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